A secret the marketing gurus DON’T want you to know

There’s a secret most copywriters and marketers only whisper to one another. Very few talk about this secret because it’s considered dangerous and can upset people.

You see almost all successful marketers are students of hypnosis or human psychology. They need to be so they can understand HOW & WHY people buy. Because without this knowledge their websites or shops are as quiet as a graveyard. The problem is there’s very little quality information ‘out there’ on this hidden subject.

That changed when world class hypnotist and consultant to Fortune 500 companies, Igor Ledochowski, decided to ‘spill the beans’ with his new Power of Conversational Hypnosis course which has finally been released!

It’s the most ADVANCED course ANYWHERE on conversational hypnosis.

In fact here’s what hypnotic marketer, certified hypnotherapist, online guru and star of the hit film “The Secret” says about it…

“I didn’t believe this material would be that good, but it turns out to be a breathtaking course on using hypnosis in everyday conversation.”

And what’s even better for you it’s being released for a limited time as a digital course so you’ll be able to access it immediately.

  1. It comes with 16 Full MP3s
  2. The Full Transcripts + Learn Hypnosis PDF Manual (620+ Pages)
  3. The How To Master Conversational Hypnosis Cheat Sheets
  4. The How To Destroy Resistance With Stories Cheat Sheets

The site is live right now and the full digital version is available for over 3 times LESS than the physical version! And because it’s been just released it’s specially discounted. Please understand this extra discount will likely be pulled very soon. So do check it out now, while you can, I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Use the techniques in this learn hypnosis PDF guide to kill it in your business today, tomorrow, and next year!!